3 Truths About Working With A Recruiting Company

3 Truths About Working With A Recruiting Company

According to some industry observers, recruiting firms have decreased in recent years. The reason is that there are a lot of myths about working with a recruiting service company. Some people think that it is expensive, that you have to sacrifice your time, or that you won’t find suitable candidates. But all of these things are untrue!

This blog post by Mitsuoka and Company will dispel some myths about working with a recruiting company and explain why it can be an excellent choice for your business.

Truth 01: Recruiting Service Companies are not too expensive.

One of the most common misunderstandings regarding staffing agencies is that they are too expensive to be worthwhile. Why pay additional expenses for recruitment when you can hire someone yourself?

Many businesses consider the agency’s fees when calculating the cost, but they often overlook their value and savings. Although you think you are saving money upfront, employing a staffing agency may save your organization money in the long run.

The time it takes to fill a vacant post significantly impacts the cost. The longer a position is open, the more money it costs, owing to lost production and diverting resources. Working with our team can assist shorten the hiring process and reduce productivity loss.

Truth 02: Recruiting service companies choose the higher quality candidates for you.

Another prevalent misconception regarding recruitment companies is that they hire low-quality candidates. Some companies may feel that employees employed through staffing agencies are only there because they could not find work elsewhere. That is not always the case.

Recruiting agencies maintain large pools of pre-screened candidates. It implies you’ll only work with applicants who have been thoroughly screened.

Furthermore, the agency recruiters have received specialized training in evaluating applicants. To distinguish actual experts from excellent interviews, they apply best-practice methodologies. They also have a lot of experience that you can benefit from.

Truth 03: Recruiters have vast knowledge about the market

Another myth regarding recruiters is that they do not know enough about the market or the companies. That is not true!

Our best recruiters have an unrivaled understanding of the industry. They have their eyes on the markets and can provide the hiring team with an overview of what is likely to happen.

Recruitment service companies have a greater possibility of learning about available applicants and any relevant job and expertise information. As a recruiter, you’ll figure out how to contact them and what wage rates, career expectations, available skill sets, and current hiring complications. When your company has difficulty finding exceptional people, you will always have options.

Your company and the recruiting agency will work together as partners and collaborators, with the latter serving as your market eyes and ears. Internal departments don’t have access to the same market data.

With the aid of Mitsuoka and Company in Phoenix, AZ, it’s never been simpler to save time, find quality applicants, and fill available positions faster. We have seasoned recruiters with a solid reputation in the industries we serve.

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