Harnessing Talent - Right Ways to Recruit University Graduates

Harnessing Talent – Right Ways To Recruit University Graduates

Key takeaways:

  • The post-pandemic labor shortage & baby boomer exodus from the US job market has affected national interests.
  • Millennials & Gen-Y have progressed to middle & top management, leaving entry-level jobs vacant.
  • Recent graduates hold the key to solving the labor & white-collar job shortage – with a change in job provisions that mandate experience!
  • Recruiters need to upgrade their headhunting strategies to appeal to Gen-Z.
  • Mitsuoka and Company, recruiters & job consultants in Denver, Co, are up to the challenge!

Recruitment is only as effective as a job consultancy’s understanding of constantly shifting trends in potential human capital. At Mitsuoka and Company, we make it a core value to remain vigilant with human resource trends to source only the best fit for the employee & employer. And that calls for keeping an eye on stats!

As of 2022, the USA job market is experiencing a mass exodus of senior white- & blue-collar employees, while a sizeable chunk of mid- to entry-level jobs remain vacant. This has prompted a nationwide interest in sourcing more graduates fresh out of college. A CareerBuilder survey reported a 74% of employers would be willing to hire recent grads.

So, what is going wrong with the hiring of recent graduates?

The Problem Statement

Despite the pandemic pandering out & life returning to normal, there is a heightened shortage of employees. There is also an influx of vacant jobs requiring disruptive skills in still-recovering industries. According to the US Chamber, this disruption has hurt employee sentiment in the baby boomer segment, which was a significant part of the labor force.

Now, most white- and open-collar positions are filled by Gen-X and Millennials. And these are usually the top spots in companies – leaving the middle management at a loss for staff & labor. And these companies need to rethink their recruiting pools & strategies in a post-pandemic age.

A Potential Solution

When it comes to recruitment, there have always been various forums, channels, online sites, pages, word of mouth, pamphlets – essentially a lot of verbal & print examples of job openings. And they are puttering out in efficacy as cloud platforms & online hiring becomes a thing.

Rather than leaving it to potential talent to stumble across a middle- to entry-level job opportunity, it’s best to seek them. That means robust headhunting strategies that grab the talent right out of universities & colleges.

It has been the modus operandi of high-ranking government & private institutions to grab top talent for decades. But you should consider the skills of all graduates for multiple job categories.

Benefits Of Recruiting Graduates

  • While recent graduates may not have the required years of job experience or traditional skills, they make up for it in critical problem-solving using technology.
  • Fresh grads have technical aptitudes that can be assets to any organization across multiple departments if given the opportunity.
  • They are ambitious & enthusiastic about making a mark for themselves in the unforgiving job market, which makes them a formidable workforce.
  • In an era of high job demand & higher job vacancies, skipping the internee phase & offering graduates middle- to entry-level opportunities can make them loyal to the employer.
  • Previously, employers shunted the graduate or Gen-Z segment to menial & unpaid jobs, citing a lack of work skills. But now, the recruiting landscape has changed. Gen-Z is more tech-savvy & in line with the digital age, making them an untapped talent pool.
  • Recent grads have majored in digital, programming & IT courses that avail them of a skillset not afforded to Gen-X & Millennials on an equal competency. Gen-Z is the potential backbone of the nation.

Recruitment Mediums

In line with American audiences & the segment targeted (Gen-Z), it is best to make away with print or radio job postings and expand the search across digital platforms & smart electronics mediums.

Online Platforms

  • LinkedIn

Recruiters should upgrade their SEO strategy to design entry-level job postings that attract recent graduates from alumni groups and college & university forums.

  • Facebook Graphs

Job consultancies, head hunters, recruiters & HR personnel – Facebook is a tool that benefits all of these if the search criteria are implemented in the right field of talent. It is still a growing strategy for sourcing employees.

  • Twitter

Despite a 268-character limit, contemporary recruiters are finding ways to advertise job openings via the platform. Links are posted to the company’s portfolio & a recruitment funnel is created.


As we said, Gen-Z/recent graduates are of a purely digital age. Hence, they show positive attitudes toward communique over smartphones – almost 86% of recent American graduates report comfort with texts facilitating the hiring process. Messaging platforms can help job consultancies leverage recruiting tools to lasso potential candidates.

Careers Pages

With so many recent graduates turning to open-collar jobs or freelancing, they are usually online and reachable across state borders. If companies focus on utilizing the power of engaging content to create enticing career pages, that might improve the page traffic & become an effective funnel.

Where companies find that difficult, Mitsuoka and Company step in to assist!

Campus Recruiting

With boomer sentiments over outdated work practices damaging the fresh graduate ambitions in some cases, it becomes imperative to go out on a limb and establish a relationship with colleges & universities. That would open the door for graduates from all walks of life to begin their careers in a purely digital age.

Avoiding Recruitment Scams

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted global business activities, downsized companies, and rendered many jobs obsolete as remote working became the norm. That has led to high demand for employment and even higher unemployment. And it opened up an opportunity for imposter scams where a person will front a legitimate company over remote mediums and secure money from prospective applicants.

The Federal Trade Commission recently reported 20,700 incidents, with 6,333 reports from Colorado alone, regarding recruitment imposter fraud. Currently, the US is $68 million in people defrauded from a job opportunity.

So, if professional recruiters are utilizing digital platforms to hire graduates, there can be chances of scams. But the best part is that Gen-Z understands the digital age enough to recognize online scams that worked on gullible boomers & millennials.

Enlist The Best Job Consultancy in Denver, Co!

Mitsuoka and Company is a reputable recruitment firm that assists small to medium and extended enterprises with sourcing the right talent for the right job. We advocate a thorough assessment stage in the recruiting process to ensure your career & the talent are there to stay!

Our services go beyond the titles we have afforded them because we believe in creating unbiased and inclusive opportunities for individuals across the USA. Whether you are seeking an opportunity as a recent graduate or looking to enlist from the untapped pool of Gen-X talent, feel free to let us know. Our team will deliver quality talent & find the best job placement for you!

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