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Hiring and keeping the right people makes or breaks companies. It takes special skills to find appropriate candidates, assess them, hire them, and integrate them into the organization. Such skills and experience are often not available in-house within recruiting departments.

Mitsuoka & Company fulfills a wide range of recruitment needs. From salaried positions to seasonal requirements to comprehensive in-house recruitment training for your team, we offer various solutions to fulfill a variety of recruitment needs.

Recruit for a Single Position

We have a network of recruiters who are experts in various sectors. Mitsuoka’s recruiters specialize in identifying and recruiting the finest prospects in each market. Our recruitment method utilizes industry knowledge, recruitment sites, and traditional approaches to identify high-quality candidates for your organization.

Recruit for Multiple Positions

Recruitment might be a considerable challenge for your organization if your company is expanding rapidly or you need employees for seasonal requirements. Our extensive network and superior quality recruiters help companies successfully meet this challenge.

Train Your Team to Recruit

Most companies initially prefer to use their in-house HR department to fulfill their recruitment requirements. However, sometimes they can’t achieve the desired results due to a lack of experience and skills. In this case, we can train and coach them using our methods and processes to create long-term recruiting success.

We teach and train your team on the following aspects:

  • Creating a scouting network and using it to identify high-quality candidates.
  • Conducting behavioral interviews to identify the candidates with the highest potential
  • Creating systems to effectively onboard and train the new employees.

How We Work

  • We use our scouting network to find potential candidates.
  • We use behavioral interviews and assessment tests to select the best prospects.
  • We assist our clients in transitioning their new hires and getting them up to speed.
  • We guarantee that the recruits will continue employment, or we’ll find you a replacement*.

* New replacement guarantee is valid for 30-90 days after the recruit(s) are successfully handed off to the client. Our guarantee is based on hourly, salary, or commission-only roles.

I Need Assistance with Hiring!

    Many Applicants but Few Worth Considering?
    Fantastic Company but Branding Too Poor to Attract Good People?
    Found a Great Candidate but Lost Them to Your Competitor’s Faster Hiring Process?

    Mitsuoka & Company Offers You Premium Recruiting Through Our Competitive
    Scout - Network Infrastructure & Revolutionary Assessment Processes.

    We Recruit

    We Recruit

    Our diverse recruiting network extends the farthest reaches of various industries to scout & prequalify a high-quality candidate pool for you.

    We Interview

    We Interview

    We have a rigorous evaluation process, utilizing behavioral & performance testing tools to retain only the best candidates for the job.

    & We Select

    We Select

    Unlike our competitors who only deliver on leads, we take the reins on employee onboarding & handoffs to guarantee you the best pick of the talent pool.

    Our Process


    We Recruit

    Our team has a network of recruiters who specialize in various industries. Mitsuoka recruiters focus on pre-qualifying and scouting for the best candidates within each market. Our recruiting system leverages industry expertise, online platforms, and a range of traditional recruiting methods to generate high quality candidates for your position.


    We Interview

    At Mitsuoka & Company, our differentiator is the quality of candidates we hire. Our recruitment system includes a rigorous job interview and selection process. We recruit the best candidates through extensive behavioral interviewing and various assessment tools. Our goal is not just to hire, but to ensure the candidates we hire are retained over time.


    We Select

    We pride ourselves in recruiting as a part of your team. Other job recruiters & staffing agencies simply send their leads over and collect checks. Employee on-boarding and the handoff of new team members to your organization matters to us. This is because we guarantee the employment and/or replacement of new hires. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.


    We treat our clients as if they were one of us.

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    Our 3 Step Process to Finding Talent

    Sign Up for Details

    Sign Up for Details

    Get in touch with our support team for more details on our recruitment services.

    Provide Your Requirements

    Provide Your Requirements

    Supply us with your recruiting & industry details. We will send in our experts to train your recruiting team & assist with the candidate provision & selection.

    Guaranteed Talent!

    Guaranteed Talent!

    Leave the rest to our expert recruiting & onboarding team. If you find any candidate less than satisfactory, we’ll arrange for better!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We interview and select vs. scrub resumes.

    Yes, we customize pricing/processes to fit different business requirements. 

    We have a placement guarantee or your money back. 

    Franchising space and businesses between $1M and $20M in revenue. 


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