Recruitment Tips To Attract Millennial Candidates

Recruitment Tips To Attract Millennial Candidates

The millennial generation is a valuable target for recruiters. They are usually tech-savvy, have a global perspective, and are socially conscious. However, recruiting millennials can be tricky because this generation is different from older generations in many ways.

In this guide, Mitsuoka and Company will discuss how to attract millennial candidates and make your recruitment process more effective. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to hiring the best young talent out there!

Tip 01: Make Them See Who They Can Be

When recruiting millennials, it is important to focus on who they can become, not just what they can do. This generation seeks employment with organizations that share their ideals and aspires to change the world. Show them how your company is making a positive impact and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Tip 02: Be Tech-Savvy

Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation, so it makes sense to use technology in your recruitment process. Social media and online job boards reach a larger pool of candidates. You can also use video interviewing to save time and money.

Tip 03: Streamline the Process

Although Millennials might be impatient, Gen Z is the generation that demands immediate feedback the most. Your business must be quick enough to hire, evaluate, and extend offers as rapidly as possible in a world where help is always available, direct web chat is available at any time, and instantaneous responses are a must.

To assist with this, use an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS can automate routine processes like posting job adverts and inviting candidates for interviews.

Tip 04: Offer Attractive Perks and Benefits

Millennial candidates value work-life balance and are likelier to switch jobs for better benefits. Offer perks that appeal to them, such as flexible work hours, telecommuting, and student loan assistance. You should also offer competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package.

Tip 05: Strongly Consider Remote Work

A recent study showed that 83% of millennials would like to work at least some of the time remotely. If your company can accommodate remote work, consider offering it as an option.

This perk appeals to millennial parents who want more time with their families.

Tip 06: Respect and Welcome the Generational Gap

The mere fact that someone is a millennial does not imply that they are identical to all other millennials. There is still a lot of diversity within this generation. When recruiting millennials, be sure to respect and welcome this difference.

Tip 07: Pay Attention to Culture

Culture is important to millennials. A study showed that 70% of millennials would quit their job if it meant working for a company with poor values. When recruiting this generation, pay attention to your company culture and ensure it aligns with the candidate’s values. Due to their heightened sensitivity to cultural incompatibilities, they frequently speak out against injustices locally and globally.

Your business’s likelihood of long-term success can be increased by taking the appropriate steps to attract millennials.

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